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Regardless of whether your company has access to international markets and participates in foreign economic activity there, the problem of the tax burden continues to exist. That burden of the tax inside the country is forcing Russian companies to seek ways of tax optimization. Tax optimization on the corporate level - is a process of systematic use of best legal ways and methods to establish the desired level of tax burden of the object. Through proper use of these techniques and methods it is possible to minimize tax losses on a specific tax or combination of taxes and thereby increase the working capital of the company.  

International tax planning is one of the ways of tax optimization. The main instruments of international tax planning are low-tax and tax-exempt foreign companies.

The mechanism of using a foreign company in this situation is based on the transfer of capital and income of residents on optimal tax routes to countries with tax havens (offshore zones, the country with a moderate level of taxation), investments - in the most profitable, reliable and non-taxable assets in the international capital markets. This makes it possible to move money to the minimum taxable object from anywhere in the world. This may be the capital received from overseas partners, clients' money in the territory of Russia, and deductions of your own company.

The major advantage of international tax planning with the use of foreign companies is the guarantee of preservation of the capital. Assets that are legally in the territory of Russia, are protected. At any time, audit of the company may be subject to verification by the tax authorities, during which the account of the company is often blocked. If the assets are kept abroad (including the ability to transfer assets to an international trust), their safety is increased and, consequently, this reduces the risk of asset loss as a result of the actions of public officials and illegal actions of competitors, raiders and other persons who can set a goal of takeover. In addition, money kept abroad, are protected by laws of the country of company’s incorporation.  

What are the advantages of international tax planning and protection of corporate interests?

• protection of assets from the tax risks within the country and in disputes with creditors;
• obtaining additional opportunities to maximize the profitability of financial-economic activities and to further effective development of the company's business
• reducing the tax burden;
 improving the efficiency of the company.