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Client identification requirements


Whilst we are committed to the confidentiality of our clients, we are obliged by law to obtain the following information relating to all individual beneficial owners, directors, shareholders, bank account signatories, grantees of powers of attorney and all persons in a position of control or influence in relation to any company or trust we may form or administer:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of Residential Address

In addition, we prefer to receive a personal and financial history.

These are minimum requirements and we may require further information and/or documentation before we can commence a business relationship.


To establish the identity and signature of relevant individuals we require a copy of one of the following:

  • Current Valid Full Passport
  • Current Valid National ID Card
  • The copy must bear a photograph, a signature and the number.
  • The copy must be clearly legible and certified as a true copy.  Copy photographs must be certified as a true likeness of the relevant person.  Copies should be certified by a professional who should be:
  • a bank manager,
  • a lawyer, accountant, notary public or member of the judiciary
  • The certifier must use an official stamp, quoting the company name and address, must sign and clearly print their name, date the certificate and indicate their position or capacity on the copy document.
  • For certification of copy passports, an example of suitable wording for the person providing the certification is "I confirm that this is a true copy of the original passport and that the photograph is a true likeness of [relevant name]."


To validate the home address of all relevant individuals, please provide one of the following, for each person:

  • utility bill (eg telephone bill [mobile telephone bills are not acceptable], electricity etc.),
  • bank or mortgage statement from a recognised bank, credit card statement,
  • bank reference from a recognised bank, confirming the home address.

The item should preferably be an original and be less than three months old or certified as above.


In order to understand our clients' backgrounds and to assist in establishing banking arrangements (if required) information about our clients' work experience, education and qualifications is likely to be of considerable assistance together with a clear understanding of our clients' wealth, financial circumstances and financial history.


In the case of clients which are corporate entities we will require:

  • Details of the nature of the client company's business, including annual turnover, asset base, source of funds or wealth, geographical spread of business, number of employees and where appropriate trading partners.
  • When available, the latest available accounts of the client company.
  • Full corporate information of Legal entities and structures as applicable inform of certified true copies (apostiled) or equivalent of the client company.
  • The address of the registered office and place of business of the client company.
  • When available, Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Statutory Registry of the country of incorporation of the company or equivalent, proving that the client company is in good standing.
  • When available, a Certificate of Incumbency or equivalent, or the results of a company search of the company.
  • A copy of the Board Resolution authorising the client company's officers to establish a Client Company showing who is authorised to issue instructions.
  • Copies of Powers of Attorney, or any other authorities, affecting the operation of the proposed Client Company. 

Personal Client Identification (as described above) on:

  •  All persons authorised to issue instructions.


  • Unless otherwise agreed by us, all directors, shareholders and beneficial owners of the client company.


These may be faxed or scanned and e-mailed to us but the originals must be sent to us by courier or mail.  We cannot undertake work until the originals have been received.  If you are unable to supply any of these documents you should contact us.