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DameLaw Consulting offers a wide range of services for the registration of offshore companies in countries with preferential tax treatment, and further provision of the comprehensive legal support and consulting assistance in all aspects of offshore business.

The specialists of our company will provide you with free consultation and will help you make the right choice of the jurisdiction of incorporation.
When choosing a jurisdiction you must consider the purpose of the future of the company and its tasks. Offshore companies have a number of features, so in order to make the right choice the customer has to take into consideration the following factors:

  • The procedure of registration of the company in accordance with the applicable corporate legislation
  • Tax policy, tax incentives
  • The amount and terms of payment of annual fees
  • System of Exchange control and regulation
  • Requirements for submission of audit reports or annual balance sheets
  • Confidentiality of information concerning the company's Beneficial Owner/s
  • The geographical position and the official language

Information of the characteristics of offshore jurisdictions you can get in dedicated sections.

Please take time to read carefully the materials offered (description, date and price) for each jurisdiction to define the profitability of incorporation in a particular country.

Registration of the following types of offshore companies according to the structure of the international business and tax planning is possible:

  • Offshore companies with very low or no taxation, registered in the countries, which are often referred to as tax havens or classic offshore zones, this type of offshore companies is established in the British Virgin Islands, Belize, the Seychelles or in Brunei.
  • Companies registered in countries that provide offshore companies and enterprises with special conditions favorable tax regulation and / or special regimes.
  • Companies registered in countries with tax regime that are giving to investors certain tax advantages for specific international goals.


These tax benefits and provisions are used in various types of business tax planning, such as:

  • Double tax treaty planning related to the payment of dividends, interest income and "royalties".
  • Establishment of an international headquarters for the treasury and finance operations.
  • Dedicated business, such as leasing.
  • Management of personal and family capital, and tax planning.