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Registration of Trademarks

Company Damelaw Consulting Limited is pleased to offer Trademark Registration in Cyprus and the International Trademark registration in countries party to the Madrid Agreement and/or the Madrid Protocol (the list of countries party to the Madrid Agreement and Protocol).

The company's specialists will assist you in the preparation of the application, examination and verification on identity and similarity, as well as submission of required documents to the Patent Office.

Registration of Trademark in Cyprus

Trademark Registration in Cyprus carried out on the basis of the Law “On Trademarks” in Cyprus, based on English law "On Trademarks” of 1938 and the regulations of the Brands section of 1951, as amended. Cyprus has signed the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, and ratified the agreement of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in relation to the law "On Trademarks".

In accordance with the Law “On Trademarks”, trademark initially is registered for seven years and can then be renewed for 14 years. Application for renewal of registration may be submitted ​​at any time within three months from the expiry date of the registration period.

Patent Office in Cyprus (structural unit of the Registrar of Companies) is the official government body, registering trademarks in the territory of Republic of Cyprus.

Procedure of registration

1) An advanced search in the Registrar in order to establish the possibility of registration of the trademark.

2) Filing of application to the Patent Office. The application must include the name, image of the mark, class (es) in which the trademark will be registered according to the international classification, as well as the description of the brand and the products to which it applies, the name, address and type of business of the applicant.

Filing of applications for registration of TM in Cyprus is allowed to be carried on only by the lawyer (s) on the basis of a special power of attorney signed by the applicant.

3) Upon receipt of the application and payment of fee Patent Office examines the suitability of the trademark for registration in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

4) In the absence of any complications the trademark will be registered, in confirmation of which the certificate will be issued.

Usually, the procedure of registration of the trademark in Cyprus takes about 2 years, but the date of issuance of the certificate and, therefore, the start date of trademark protection is the date of filing of the original application.

Registration of Trademark under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol

International trademarks are registered under the Madrid Protocol by filing a single application to the Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO. The Madrid Protocol is a system of international registration of trademarks, which includes more than 77 participating countries. By making just a single application, you can register your trademark in all member countries. Madrid System for the International Registration of Trademarks is a reliable way to protect your brand in several countries.

Terms of filing of application for international registration of trademark

Application in countries party to the Madrid Agreement and / or its Protocol must be submitted based on a national (core) registration of a trademark in Cyprus.

An application for international registration of a trademark shall contain:

1) Information about basic registration or basic application.

2) The list of countries in which registration is required.

3) The list of goods and services for which registration is required.

(The list of goods and / or services listed in the international application must match with the list of goods and / or services specified in the underlying certificate received in Cyprus or the basic application) .

Procedure for registration of Trademark

1) The application for international registration of a trademark shall be filed with the Patent Office in Cyprus, which further sends it to the International Bureau of WIPO (WIPO).

2) After receiving the application International Bureau examines the validity of the application for international trademark registration and compliance of the List of Goods and Services International (Nitsskoy) classification; registers trademark; publishes a notice of the application in the International Register and send the owner a certificate of the registered trademark, which contain information stated in the International Register.

3) After the formal examination International Bureau sends a request to the national authorities of the countries in which the registration of the trademark has been required.

4) National authorities conduct an examination of the application for registration of the trademark in the relevant legislation in these countries in the field of trademarks and inform the International Bureau of the decision on the possibility of providing protection for a trademark on its territory.

5) The International Bureau shall send a notice to the owner of the trademark regarding made records in the International Register of the preliminary and final refusal to grant protection, final decisions following a refusal, and a notice regarding made recordsof invalidation in the International Register, and finally a copy of the changes made in the International Register.

Term of examination of an application for international registration of trademark in the member countries of the Madrid Agreement is 12 months, and in the countries of the Protocol - 1.5 years.

Initially International trademark is registered for 10 years at the International Bureau with possibility of extension.

If you decide to use our services for registration of the trademark, please contact us by phone  +357 22 68 06 02  or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for more information!