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History: Founded in 1992.

3 Individuals who founded the bank in 1992 and participated in the Bank's leadership in all stages of its development

Types of accounts:
Personal, corporate

Down payment:

Minimum requirements:

Account maintenance - free. Internet-bank \ \ \ "Rietumu BankWorld \ \ \" - monthly maintenance - 5 EUR. VISA Electron and Maestro: annual maintenance - 25 EUR.

Promptness of payment:
On the day of receipt of the payment order. Full information about transactions and account status is available to the client around the clock through the operator of the Information Service.

1) Fax using code tables, and 2) a modem - the program \ \ \ "Bank-Client \ \" (the installation program Ls 60, the connection account to the mailbox client Ls 6, the monthly subscription fee Ls 10), 3) Internet System Client-Bank, allows you to receive your statements of account, view the current status of accounts, cards VISA, MasterCard and Cirrus / Maestro, etc., but does not manage the account, 4) System Bank World, which allows to fully manage the account via the Internet

Term of opening an account:
1 week (reservation account - within 1 day)

English-speaking andRussian-speaking

Credit cards:
Eurocard / MasterCard / VISA (servicing USD 40 - 120 per year) Maestro / Cirrus / VISA-Electron - Debit card (service USD 20 - 40 per year) Bank also issues cards class PLATINUM

Other banking products:
Letters, checks, bank guarantees (full range of banking services).

Yield / reliability of the investment programs
: Bank pays interest on deposit rates from 4.25% to 5% (to USD) depending on the duration and type of deposit. Bank offers trustee program - a set of services in global financial markets to deploy customer's funds in securities.

Departure to the Bank:
Not need (there is a representative office in Moscow).

The procedure for opening an account:
Bank's representative travels to the client to clarify all issues relating to operating an account, install programs \ \ \ "Bank-Client \ \ \", etc. The customer signs the form of bank, transmits copies of passports and constituent documents. Immediately reported to account details, contact telephone numbers are transmitted code tables.

Photocopies of the constituent documents of the company, a photocopy of the passport director / trustee.

Purpose accounts:
Calculated, transit, investment, savings

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