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Registration of offshore companies

«DameLaw Consulting» offers a wide range of services for registration of offshore companies in countries with preferential tax treatment, and further provision of the comprehensive legal support andconsulting assistancein all aspects of offshore business.

The specialists of our company will provide you with free consultation and will help you make the right choice of the jurisdiction of incorporation.

Schedule of Regular Charges

Offshore CompanyStandard order

Registration and first year maintenance fee Annual payments (from second year)

Offshore jurisdictions


1,250 USD

750 USD

Bahamas 1,550 USD 1,100 USD
Belize 900 USD 550 USD
Brunei 1,850 USD 1,600 USD
BVO 1,350 USD 750 USD
Дominica 1,250 USD 750 USD
Kayman Islands 3,050 USD 2,300 USD
Nevis 1,550 USD 1,000 USD
Panama 1,110 USD 800 USD
Seychelles Islands 650 USD 450 USD

Low-tax jurisdictions


1,650 EUR

950 EUR

UK (Ltd) 750 EUR 750 EUR
UK(LLP) 1,450 EUR 750 EUR
Hong Kong 1,750 USD 1,250 USD
Singapure 4,200 USD 3,500 USD
ОАЭ (JAFZA) 6,800 USD 3,100 USD
ОАЭ (RAKFTZ) 4,800 USD 3,100 USD




750 USD

Delaware 1,050USD 750 USD
New York 1,150 USD 750 USD


Registration fee includes the following:

Registration services, legal support, government fees and provision of a full package of corporate documents: Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company (in English); certificates of registration, legal address, directors and secretary, the shareholder (if applicable); the first resolution of shareholder/s and directors, share certificate; company stamp (by law the additional stamp shall be kept by the company secretary).

The cost of the annual fee includes payment for the registered address, the Secretary, and government fees.

Payment for services can be made by bank transfer to the account of DAMELAW CONSULTING LIMITED or using bank cards Visa, MasterCard.

For detailed instructions, please contact us by phone: +357 22 68 06 02

Submission of documents for registration of the company

The process of registration of a company is possible only after the procedure of Due Diligence (Rules "Know Your Customer"), according to which, the customer must provide personal data:

  1. A copy of the passport of the Beneficial Owner (the company owner), as a prove of the identity of the Beneficiary. Copies of passports of all beneficiaries / shareholders, directors and signatories of bank accounts must be certified by a notary and apostilled.
  2. Proof of residential address (copy of utility bill, which shows the actual address). As a proof of residential address you can provide us with the original utility bill (bill for electricity, water, telephone, cable TV or gas), which states address of the client (utility bill must be issued no more than three months ago).
  3. Bank reference letter.
  4. Fill out an application for registration of the company.

If you need to consult with our specialist or if you have any questions, you can contact us through the form on the site, send us an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call our office by phone at +357 22 68 06 02.