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History: Founded in 1916 as the Banque du Piree SA. Starting from 1918 has been listed on the Greek Stock Exchange. Since 1975, is under the jurisdiction of Greece. In December 1991 the bank was privatized and received its present name. In June 2000, Piraeus Bank SA merged Xiosbank SA and Macedonia Thrace Bank SA, in December 2003 - ETVA Bank (Helenic Industrial & Development Bank). Bank has a representative office in Moscow.

ING Groep NV - 4,2%; Greece - 2.7%; private shareholders - 50,10%; companies - 5,90%; foreign investors - 25,10%; own shares - 0.70%; Greek investors - 11,30%.

Types of accounts:
Personal, corporate

Down payment:

Minimum requirements:

Annual account maintenance of a natural person - 30 EUR, legal entity - 75 EUR. Storing mail in the bank - 100 EUR (annually). Outgoing payments - 0,15%, incoming payments - about 10 EUR.

Promptness of payment:
Payments shall be executed the same day (until 18.00 Moscow time). Until 12.00 all payments Same Day Value - no extra charge

Management is via fax, phone, e-mail

Term of opening an account:
3 weeks

There are Russian-speaking employees

Credit cards:
VISA, MasterCard

Other banking products:
The Bank provides a wide range of banking and financial services, including service of individuals and corporate clients, providing services of private-banking, asset management, investment, loans.

Yield / reliability of the investment programs:
The Bank offers a wide range of investment products.

Departure to the Bank:
Departure to the bank is not required.

The procedure for opening an account:
Representative bank in Moscow (GSL office or representative office), interviews and prepares all necessary documents.

Banking forms, copies of passports, documents of the company (for corporate accounts), description of business and source of funds (KYC), one recommendation letter from the bank and from the manager of account.

Purpose of accounts:
Savings (investment).