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History: Founded in 1976. In 1996, the bank bought out Barclays Bank PLC entire branch network in the local market. His work covers 16% of banking services in Cyprus. It has 120 offices in Cyprus, 7 offices in Greece. Representations in Russia, South Africa, Great Britain

When creating a bank the capital of Bank of America was used. At present, shareholders are the other banks in Cyprus, the large insurance companies, church organizations, bank staff and private individuals. The share of the largest shareholder does not exceed 10%

Types of accounts:
Personal, corporate

Down payment:
None. However, if the funds in the account will not appear within a year, the account can be closed. In this case you should contact the bank manager

Minimum requirements:
None as such

Maintain Account - USD 20 on a quarterly basis (personal account), USD 40 on a quarterly basis (corporate accounts). Incoming payments - USD: less than USD 500 - free of charge, USD 10 - USD 500 to USD 1000, USD 20 - more than USD 1 000; in EUR: Up to USD 500 - free of charge, EUR 8,5 - from EUR 500 to EUR 12 500, EUR 17 - from EUR 12 500 EUR 50 000, EUR 25 - more than EUR 50 000. Outgoing payments - in any currency other than EUR: 0,1% (min USD 8, max USD 250) in EUR: to EUR 50 000 - EUR 14 over EUR 50 000 - EUR 25. Internet banking - it's free. Statement accounts by fax - USD 3 per page; Conversion - 1% (min EUR 6, max EUR 500)

Promptness of payment:
Outgoing payment is made on the third day after receiving instructions. Value date will be the third day after receiving notice of the transfer. There is an opportunity to make urgent payments. Banking Commission in this case is calculated at a rate of Libor +2%. The Bank allows for payment in RUR. Payments are executed on the day the bank received the instructions with the same value date.

1) fax with the code tables, test codes - $ 100 a year, 2) electronic banking system.

Installation – free, service - $ 20 per month.

Term of opening an account:
Account is reported on the same day (test codes are in the representation of the bank; to work with the account using a dial-up device is possible immediately after the receipt of funds on account)

Bank employees speak different languages, including, Russian
Credit cards: MasterCard, VISA. Annual service of VISA - free of charge, annual service of MasterCard - USD 15 or EUR 8,50

Other banking products:
Checkbooks, guarantees, loans, letters of credit (including transferable), in exceptional cases - compensation letters of credit (back-to-back LC)

Yield / reliability of the investment programs:
Bank cooperates with the largest American investment bank Merril Lynch - has the opportunity to acquire its pooled funds. The bank offers a new banking product - guaranteed deposit

Departure to the Bank:

The procedure for opening an account:
1) The representative of the bank in Moscow conducts interviews, assures the signatures of clients on bank forms, photocopies of passports and documents. Immediately reports account details, contact numbers, names of bank officers and bank account number, transmits the code table, transmits passwords to access the account via modem 2) Client signs the bank forms, a set of original company documents does not remain at the bank. Confirmation of account opening (which includes the number and details, contact numbers, names of bank officers) comes by fax, fares, schedules and other materials - in a package by courier

Passport copy, utility bill, bank reference letter 

Purpose of accounts:
Cash savings