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History: Founded in 1899. Four times swallowed smaller banks in Cyprus. His work covers 55% of the market of banking services in Cyprus. He has more than 250 branches, subsidiary banks in London, Greece, Australia, South Africa.

Shareholders: The bank is an open joint stock company and its shares are traded on major exchanges. In general, the shares are owned by individuals, the Bank's staff, senior management. The largest block of shares does not exceed 2%.

Types of accounts: Corporate, personal, it’s possible to open an account in the London branch of the Bank

Down payment: None. But if the funds in the account do not appear within a year, account may be closed, in this case you should contact the bank and notify the manager of your intentions.

Minimum requirements: None.

Rates: For account servicing bank charges a fee of $ 100 per year plus an additional charge 3 $ per month. Cost of incoming payments: $ 10. Cost of outgoing transfer 0.1%, but not less than $ 20 and not more than $ 140. S.W.I.F.T. - $ 15. Storage of extracts in the bank - it's free, extract fax - $ 2, the conversion - 0.5% -0.4% (depending on the amount).

Promptness of payment: Value date - the same day (the usual transaction). Operating day in the bank is till 12.00 (Moscow time). In exceptional cases, it’s possible to make payment until 14.00
Management: 1) fax, 2) fax with the code tables (the cost of maintaining code - $ 150 per year), 3) monitoring system account via Internet (Direct Banking) - free.

Term of opening an account: Bank account details are reported in the same day, the tables come in about 1 week
Staff: Russian-speaking, English-speaking.

Credit cards:
Bank launches debit card of payment system VISA. Insurance coverage on Visa Electron - $ 1.000, Visa Classic - $ 5.000, Visa Gold - $ 10.000. Limit of spending cash for all cards is $ 1,500 a day, for non-cash payment limit is not set. For cashless payments by cards bank charges a fee 1,01%. Commission for cash withdrawals at an ATM is 3,33%.

Other banking products: Checkbooks, Credit guarantees on deposit - 1% -2%. Mortgage loans on real estate purchase: (in collaboration with a group of Leptos)
Yield / reliability of the investment programs: The Bank is working with all the leading investment institutions in the world. In particular, the bank signed an agreement with Union Bank Of Switzerland, based on which customers of the bank may allocate funds in 150 mutual funds with different income UBS / risky. For a detailed study of all the investment programs of the bank a reference book in 300 pages is available.

The procedure for opening an account: We are ready to share this information only during a personal meeting at our office.

Required: A copy of the passport, as well as a letter of recommendation to the account holder from Russian or any foreign bank

Purpose of accounts: Cash savings

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