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History:  "Alpha Credit Bank AE" was founded in 1879 and today is the largest bank in the private sector in Greece. The Bank established a number of subsidiaries of financial, insurance and investment companies has more than 400 branches in Greece, as well as the international presence in the UK, Romania, Albania, Cyprus, Jersey, Bulgaria and Skopje. In October 1998 "Alpha Credit Bank AE" acquired "Lombard NatWest Bank", and got the name "Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd".

The bank is the Open Joint Stock Companyand has more than 26 000 thousand shareholders.

Types of accounts:
Personal and corporate accounts in all currencies.

Down payment:
None. But if the funds in the account will not appear within 3 months, the account can be closed; in this case you should contact the bank and notify the manager of your intentions.

Minimum requirements:
None as such.

Cost of outgoing transfer 0.1% of the amount (plus costs of € 15-25 Bank-correspondent), but not less than € 25,40 and not more than € 510. Fee depends on the type of currency, from 01% of the amount, but not less than € 3,40.

Promptness of payment:
Outgoing payment is made through one business day after receiving instructions. Urgent payment is executed on the same day, the fee depends on the amount transferred.

1) fax with the code tables, and 2) A modern system of bank-client - free (Service Bank).

Term of opening an account:
Account is reserved on the same day.

Bank employees speak different languages, including Russian.

Credit cards:
VISA Silver, VISA Gold - debit card, linked to the current account (you can use everything that is on the account). Percentage for cash withdrawals at ATMs 3,3%.

Other banking products:
International Payments (by Jonathan Swift, telex, by check or postal money order), documentary credits, trade finance, forfeiting, dealings, bonds and guarantees loans for all types of currency, the sale and purchase of exchange, trust, investment and shipping services, assistance and loans to purchase property in Cyprus.

Yield / reliability of the investment programs:
Bank pays interest on deposit in the traditional rates, which also depend on the currency, amount and term of deposit. Investment programs are not a priority in customer service.

Departure to the Bank: Not needed

The procedure for opening an account:
1) The representative of the bank in Moscow conducts interviews, assures the signatures of clients on bank forms, photocopies of passports and documents. The same day, reports details of the account, contact numbers, names of bank officers and account number 2) Client signs the bank forms, a set of original documents of the company in the bank does not remain. Confirmation of account opening (which includes the number and details, contact numbers, names of bank officers), fares, schedules and other materials come to e-mail/fax, codes for management - in a package by courier.

A copy of passport, bank reference letter.

Purpose of accounts:
Cash savings